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"Truth is one although spoken of in various ways" thus declared the Vedas at least 4000 years ago. Putting this insight into practice, the pioneering work of the Vedanta Society continues to promote interreligious dialogue and understanding, replacing mere tolerance by a mature acceptance of all religions as valid paths to spiritual fulfillment. Vedanta accepts and respects all religions and encourages everyone to learn from the lives and teachings offered by the prophets of all religions.

New England's Vedanta roots go back to 1893 when Swami Vivekananda came to Boston and taught Vedanta philosophy even before he became a renowned religious figure at the World Parliament of Religions held in Chicago that year. After the Parliament, Vivekananda stayed for extended periods in and around Boston.

Started in 1910 by Vivekananda?s disciple Swami Paramananda, the Boston branch of the Ramakrishna Order is the third oldest Vedanta Society in North America, not only offering spiritual teachings through lectures, classes and seminars, but also providing sacred space for prayer, worship and meditation.

As the Society completes its first 100 years of service in Greater Boston, we look back with gratitude to the early enlightened leaders of the society, Swamis Paramananda, Akhilananda, and Sarvagatananda, for their spiritual guidance and inspiration. Our heartfelt gratitude also to the devotees and friends without whose untiring support, enthusiasm, and sacrifice, the Vedanta Society would not have been able to serve generations of earnest seekers and students of spiritual life.

We have come a long way, beginning with a small studio apartment on St. Botolph Street in Boston. Our present space (above, right), which housed the Society?s activities for the last seven decades, is now stretched to its limit. Hence the present Temple Project (left), which includes a separate large shrine for daily worship and meditation, a separate lecture hall, a book store, an office, a meeting room, a research library and reading room for students and devotees, and rooms for visiting guests.

Working with an architect who is experienced in designing church /temple space, we have created a Temple design that is inspired by the temples in Belur Math, India, and the design is in harmony with the existing building of the Society and the elegant structures on the Bay State Road. The estimated cost of the new Temple is $3 million. The generous donations of devotees and friends over the years have allowed us to build a fund that can support $2.3 million of this cost.

We invite you to participate in the Temple Project with your prayers for its successful completion and generous contributions to the Vedanta Temple Fund. All donations are tax-deductible under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. The Society?s IRS Tax ID is 046 071 221.

May Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother Sarada Devi, and Swami Vivekananda bless us all.

Swami Tyagananda

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