Krishna, the Stealer

Baby Krishna.jpg

Through charming stories, songs, and anecdotes, the baby Krishna is depicted as a stealer of butter. His personality is so endearingly lovable and it is so easy to fall in love with him that he is also often called a stealer of hearts.

Perhaps the two things he steals--butter and heart--are connected?

Tulsidās says that the heart of a saint is like butter: it melts by the heat of pain and suffering. In fact, he says, it is even better than butter. Butter melts only when it is heated, but the heart of a saint melts with compassion at merely seeing the suffering and pain of others.

Krishna steals only a saintly heart, which is full of compassion, understanding, and selflessness. A selfish, cruel heart is safe from Krishna’s hands.

Krishna, come steal my heart. Look my door is open!